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100 Methods to Upcycle your clothes


100 Ways to Upcycle your clothing

If you’ve got a closet full of clothing that doesn’t fit or isn’t flattering, you don’t have to dump it all at the thrift store drop-off. There’s another solution: upcycle it! That old clothing is actually like having an extra stash of fabric, ready to be sewn! Here are 100 ways to upcycle the clothes in your closet.

Whether you convert it into something more wearable for you or turn it into something completely different, the possibilities are endless with a few old clothes and a little imagination.

Clothing too small? Here are some creative ways to make it fit!

1. Lengthen a dress with lace

2. Pullover to cardigan

3. Ruchey Goodness tee

4. Sweater with fabric inserts

5. Too-small shirt solution

100 Ways to upcycle clothing Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



Too Big: Take it in, make it new!

6. Dress into shirt

7. Frumpy to comfy hoodie (pictured)

8. Gigantic sweater refashion

9. How to make jeans into skinny jeans

10. Oversize dress refashion (pictured)

11. Oversize shirt to maternity top (pictured)

12. Oversize tee to bolero cardi

14. Sweatshirt liposuction looks so comfy!

15. Thrifted dress redo

100 Ways to upcycle clothing Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



Cover it Up: Got a stain or a tear? Here are some clever ways to cover it up and keep wearing the item!

16. Cardigan embellishment pictured

17. Decoupage shoes very cool!

18. DIY Dottie jeans

19. Easy lace shirt

20. Elbow patches pictured

21. Jeweled raglan sweatshirt

22. Lace inset jeans my daughter would love these

23. Patch t-shirt

24. Pattern Pop tee

25. Top + Sweater into Cardigan

26. Tank with doily insert

100 Ways to upcycle clothing Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



Make it New: It used to be a T-shirt, now it’s your favorite skirt! An old button-down becomes a new blouse. Make it new, make it YOU!

27. 10-minute skirt pictured

28. Baby bib

29. Baby romper

30. Baby sweater

31. Braided T-shirt belt pictured

32. Braided Fabric bracelet

33. Button-down refashion

34. Downton-inspired tank

35. Fingerless mittens pictured

36. Girl’s Nightgown

37. Kid hats

38. Kids lounge pants these are great!

39. Lace pencil skirt

40. Lace sleeved tank

41. Pencil skirt

42. Peplum t-shirt

43. Prom dress to skirt

44. Recycled T-shirt necklace

45. Rocker shirt pictured

46. Shift Dress

47. Swants (sweater pants) pictured


48. Sweater boots

49. Sweater mittens

50. Sweater baby pants

51. Sweater skirt

52. The Skirt that was a Shirt

53. Three Tees Dress pictured

54. Tie dye swim cover-up

55. Toddler dress

56. Toddler Skirt

57. Trousers to skirt

58. T-shirt dress for girls

59. T-shirt headbands

60. T-shirt into strappy tank I LOVE these!

61. T-shirt memory scarf

62. T-shirt panties

63. T-shirt pencil skirt

64. T-shirt yoga pants

65. Two shirts into one top

100 Ways to upcycle clothing Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



Raid his closet: Raid a man’s closet and make his clothes into something new for yourself or someone else.

66. Apron

67. Cardigan

68. Colorblock dress

69. Crop top

70. Dolman tee

71. Dress shirt skirt

72. Flannel infinity scarf

73. Gathered waist top

74. Long-sleeved two-tone tee

75. Necktie cuff bracelet very cool!

76. Necktie headband

77. Plaid top

78. Polo refashion

79. Quilted Tote

80. Shirt dress WOW, you would never guess this was a refashion!

81. Suited vest pictured

82. Sweater dress

83. Tie necklace

84. T-shirt leggings

100 Ways to upcycle clothing Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



Switch It Up: You don’t have to make your clothes into more clothes – there are plenty of other ways to upcycle it into something else entirely.

85. Animal softie

86. Bandana & jean tablecloth

87. Denim coasters

88. Denim & flannel quilt

89. Felted dryer balls

90. Foot pouf

91. Memory quilt

92. Oven mitt

93. Rag rug

94. Ruffle bag pictured

95. Sweater garland

96. Sweater kitty

97. Sweater pillows SO pretty!

98. Toiletry bag

99. T-shirt bag pictured

100. T-shirt yarn

101. Wall pocket panel pictured

100 Ways to upcycle clothing Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



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