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Refashion: Outsized cardigan males


Turn Sweater into Cardigan

Here is another No Sew approach to reuse your old garments.

This task is cheap and will just take you 15 minutes to do!

For this instructional exercise we will take old shirts and sweaters and transform them into cardigans!

You can never have such a large number of cardigans as I would see it!

Stage 1: What You Will Need

– Old Shirt or Sweater (Know that a few sweaters will come apart when you cut them. On the off chance that you utilize a sweater utilize one that is light weight)

– Heat and Bond (Found at any art or texture store. You can utilize standard or super quality)

– Iron

– Scissors

– Hard surface to press

Stage 2: Cut the Sweater in the Front

Begin by laying your sweater level.

Presently take your scissors and cut up the center.


Stage 3: Lay Sweater on a Hard Surface

Lay your sweater on a hard surface that you can press on.

Lay one of the sides of your sweater face down.

Presently we are going to tidy up the crude edge with the warmth and bond.

Stage 4: Hem the Sweater With the Heat and Bond

Lay a portion of Heat and Bond down a 1/2″ from the edge of your sweater.

Crease the sweater over the Heat and Bond tape and iron it.

If you don’t mind read the Heat and Bond guidelines before utilizing it.

I would press the Heat and Bond on in segments.

It is hard complete a whole side on the double.

Do this to the two sides of the sweater.


In the event that you need a much cleaner look overlap the sweater’s edge over and warmth and bond it once more

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